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I was desperate when I came to Antonia… I had been struggling for 14 years… a difficult and suffering story (especially for my daughter). I had visited three lawyers and I felt cheated, because the friendly relation with the opposing party´s lawyer was stronger. I wasted my money and the problem was not solved (which had already caused serious health problems to my daughter). Until I came to the office, and Antonia told me to trust her. She never lied to me, she explained me everything. She served the minor´s interest. She fought for my daughter´s welfare. And after one year… we won! My daughter has been living quietly and relaxed for four years, focused on her studies. I will always be grateful to Antonia Delgado… ALWAYS.

I recommend any person or family having problems to trust Antonia. you will not regret! Thank you very much, Antonia.

Ileana Cea.
Georgina Arango.

For a long time, we had wanted to buy a property, to invest and one day live in Spain. However, as we lived in the United States we did not know where to start. But living in the United States we had no idea where to begin. The idea of doing business in another country was something we needed legal advice for. Finding a credible and experienced lawyer was a challenge… until we met Antonia Delgado Garrucho. She has knowledge and experience in real estate, investment and international law. Mrs. Delgado Garrucho was a blessing for us!

Miami Lakes, Florida.
United States.


My father has always put lawyers down, saying they only want money. When I needed one, on a friend´s recommendation, I came to Doña Antonia Delgado. Full of prejudices, I had to tell my father that he was wrong, and that at least one lawyer, the only one I have known and I will know because I will not change her, gave me hope to keep fighting despite the problems I was facing. She is undoubtedly an incredible woman, what makes her a unique lawyer with human and legal skills. Thank you.

Eva C. Hdez.

The procedures Delgado Garrucho has carried out for us have been satisfying, not only as regards the treatment we received but also the kind explanations of the steps to follow. Great professionals at all levels. Without doubt, we will keep making use of your services.


Toñi Jiménez

I want to thank Delgado Garrucho for the all the work done. The way the served me, with a clear and direct treatment; everything was very well explained. Moreover, all the team was very kind. I will undoubtedly trust you in the future. I will undoubtedly trust you in the future.


Mario Ponferrada
y José Antonio

My couple and I are delighted with the close treatment and the services offered by Delgado Garrucho Abogados. They have carried out different tasks always with great kindness and professionalism. You feel secure at every moment with this team of professional and skilled people who do a high-quality job. We highlight Antonia´s knowledge and humanity, as well as her authentic commitment and perseverance in her work and clients. We consider her an exceptional lawyer. Congratulations and thank you very much for your great job!

Teresa Gómez

Talking about Antonia Delgado is synonym of speed and efficiency. When I came to her, from the very first moment she explained me the situation and the probabilities I had in a clear and direct way. She always believed in me; she never gave up; she fought for what legitimately belonged to me and we WON. She is always on the side of justice. I am very grateful to her and I recommend her to any person who is facing a difficult situation. You will not regret.


Carmen Morales y
Manuel Moreno

We thank the Bar of Jerez de la Frontera for assigning the lawyer Antonia Delgado to do a great legal work and help us no to be evicted. As we could not pay the mortgage, she helped us not to be evicted and took action to get a lease contract – social housing. We thank Antonia and her team for the kind and personal treat.

Affected by the mortgage and floor clauses.
Jerez de la Frontera.

Nieves Aguilar

My name is Nieves Aguilar and I have required the services of Antonia Delgado´s Law Firm since at least 2006. They are very fast and give me satisfactory results. I have complete confidence in having someone I can trust these days, someone who looks after my issues as her own. I absolutely trust her. I am completely satisfied, and I fully recommend her.


Daniel Gómez Boss Otten

We have required the services of Delgado Garrucho Abogados for more than 15 years. As I lived and worked abroad, I needed to have a trusted lawyer to handle all my issues in Spain, someone not easy to find. Her professionalism, devotion and, above all, understanding of each case makes Antonia an exemplary lawyer. She has always been sincere, close and honest in her work and given us clear information. We are confident that she defends each and every one of our rights and interests. Antonia and her legal team have given us advice from cases of debt restructuring with banks, communities of neighbours to more complex issues such as a relative´s custody. Undoubtedly, Antonia is for us our trusted person, we count on her to deal with those difficult problems that may sometimes arise in life. Antonia and her team are certainly a remarkable group for their efficiency, since the result of their efforts has ALWAYS made us WIN!

Thank you very much.



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